Integrated Solutions for Bio-Remediation of Ponds & Lakes

Earth Friendly & Sustainable

Our technologies reduce contaminants in lakes and ponds and foster a healthy aquatic ecosystem through ecological sound and proven solutions.

The BioHaven® Floating Treatment Wetlands (FTW) restore contaminated waterbodies to health using the same basic principle as Mother Nature, harnessing plants, microbes and the natural formation of biofilms. The floating islands remove excess nutrients and pollutants from ponds and lakes without chemicals. At the same time, the islands harmonize with the natural environment and enhance fish and wildlife habitat. Read more...


Advanced aeration with Bubble Tubing™ and bio-augmentaton with Bacterius™, a line of natural and beneficial microorganisms, offer complementary or stand-alone environmentally sound solutions to improve water quality in lakes and ponds or in industrial sites for leachate and wastewater treatment.


VITA Water Technologies, serving Western Canada, is member of a network that successfully installed worldwide over 6,000 floating islands in the last decade, improving ecosystems in many watersheds.

A Mature BioHaven Floating Island Matrix Diagram Aeration & Mixing in Lake or pond; Bubble tubing barrier

All our technologies, developed by expert teams from research institutes have demonstrated achievable results and multiple benefits:


Scientific On-Site Study confirms removal of contaminants in wastewater facility

November 06, 2016

The University of Calgary conducted a two year study on the effects of floating treatment wetlands (FTW) in a wastewater lagoon. The study  sponsored by...