Shore Restoration & Erosion Control

The unique construction of BioHaven®  absorbs wave energy and helps manage erosion in fluvial systems, lakes & reservoirs and on the coast.  The technology is cost-effective  and sustainable over time.

A BioHaven® deployed primarily for erosion control will bring multiple benefits by also creating new riparian habitat. Various anchoring solutions to suit every launch environment, have been rigorously field tested in the most challenging of environments.

The BioHaven Floating Breakwater with its dense vegetation protects and restores coastlines; it creates a sustainable green infrastructure. It is also applicable for pipeline canal entrances, where the floating breakwater reduces the amount of erosion and canal opening by attenuating waves and reducing currents flowing into the canal.

Other applications: Water Quality ImprovementWaste Water TreatmentHabitat RestorationAquaculture / Landscape BeautificationBio-dock / Streambed...