Waste Water Treatment

The technical name for a BioHaven® is a Floating Treatment Wetland (FTW) or Floating Concentrated Wetland (FCW); this is a recognised type of constructed wetland that offers many key advantages over a conventional constructed wetland.

BioHaven® floats on the surface of the water offering water treatment at fluctuating depths. It will not clog up in the same way as a constructed wetland and it is far easier and less expensive to install and maintain. It also provides a platform on which to build a wide variety of habitats.

BioHaven® can be easily retrofitted, does not require land take and is ideally suited for use in the secondary and tertiary treatment of wastewater.

Other applications: Water Quality ImprovementHabitat RestorationShore Erosion Control & Protection/ Aquaculture / Landscape BeautificationBio-dock / Streambed...

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