Bubble Tubing ®

Bubble Tubing® is a Canadian designed and fabricated, flexible, micro-bubble air diffuser.  The product is successfully used worldwide in industrial applications including mining, leachate ponds and aquaculture. The linear tubing is highly efficient in aerating, oxygenating and circulating water in storm water retention ponds, wastewater facilities or lagoons, and long narrow waterways. There are no moving parts or electricity in the water.

The self-sinking Bubble Tubing® has two rows of tiny holes that release micro air-bubbles. From the bottom of the water body the rising bubbles create an oxygen curtain with vacuum effect that pulls gently but efficiently water from lower depths towards the surface without disturbing the bottom layer of the waterbody. This aeration system helps in reducing contaminants,  sludge, algae, odors, and mosquito larvae.

The linear Bubble Tubing® design is much more efficient to transfer oxygen over the length or periphery of a waterbody than bubbles concentrated around a stone or disc. The tube can also be positioned in wide circles or arcs to cover larger surface areas with bubbles without the need for additional devices or pumps.

Bubble Tubing® is a reliable, efficient linear system to thaw and de-ice around boat houses, docks, ferry crossings etc. With no moving parts in the water, the Thawline does not create damaging conditions of hoarfrost to structures. The system also protects against damage due to lake ice expansion and ice-jacking. 

Self sinking Bubble Tubing® on the lake or sea floor creates a bubble barrier that safely protects water intake pipes from jellyfish, algae and debris. The tubing is easily installed and removed as needed.

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Bubble Tubing ®