The BioDock® is an aesthetic, pleasing structural docking system that simultaneously improves the health of the water body it is installed in. The BioDock is based on the BioHaven technology with added buoyancy to support people and structures. The BioDock® enhances the beauty and value of waterfront homes.

The dense matrix surface below the water area promotes the growth of robust bio-communities that boosts water quality through the natural biochemical processes associated with their metabolic processes.  The BioDock® structure provides a tie point for your watercraft or platform for swimmers while biologically reducing harmful contaminants in your waterway such as algae and leaked petroleum.

The BioDock fluctuates with water levels without becoming stranded or inundated and is resistant to ice build-up. Even in Northern climates, during long winters, the structure does not have to be removed from the waterway.

Other applications: Other applications: Waste Water Treatment / Water Quality ImprovementHabitat RestorationShore Erosion Control & Protection/ AquacultureLandscape Beautification/  Streambed...

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